Monday, November 19, 2007

A bit more on Imperial College London

  • Imperial College Press is a joint venture of Imperial College and World Scientific.
  • World Scientific is a Singapore-based publishing company whose subscription list is used by QS to construct their "peer review".
  • Imperial gets a perfect score of 100 (rounded) for the "peer review" in the 2007 THES-QS rankings.
  • Until last year, citation data were collected for QS by Evidence Ltd, a company headed by a former Imperial faculty member.
  • QS gave Imperial a much better student faculty ratio than even the college itself claimed.
  • Imperial is, according to the THES-QS rankings, the fifth best university in the world.
  • Richard Sykes, Vice-chancellor of Imperial, is the second highest paid in the UK.
  • Richard Sykes wants a massive increase in fees.
  • Imperial is now the most popular UK destination for Singapore students.
  • Richard Sykes is on QS's questionnaire telling respondents that it takes smart people to recognise smart people.

Is it conceivable that some of these might just possibly have something to do with one another?

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Further information on citation deliberations shaped by Evidence is available here: