Friday, November 28, 2008

Comment on the THE-QS Academic Survey

QS have published some information on the academic survey that makes up 40 % of their World University Rankings. The table listing repondents by country is especially interesting. Here are some highlights

United States 638
United Kingdom 563
Australia 286
Inonesia 228
Malaysia 180
Philippones 201
France 125
Belgium 124
Germany 182
China 116
Kong Kong 100
Japan 96
Ireland 78
Thailand 43
Russia 41

So there are almost as many respondents from the UK as from the USA. There are more from Indonesia than from Germany. There are more from Thailand than from Russia. There are more from Hong Kong than from Japan.

Overall, there is pronounced bias in favour of the UK and Ireland, Southeast Asia and Australasia and against the USA, Japan and Southwest Asia.