Tuesday, July 19, 2016

I reported plagiarism in a PhD, but my university ignored it

From the Guardian 8th July by Anonymous. The PhD thesis consists of some poems and a long essay. I'm not sure which is worse: awarding a PhD for something with what appears to be such a slender amount of research, the unchecked plagiarism or the author's need to be anonymous.

"I vetted the thesis and found that it had 75 pages with uncredited verbatim sentences, often more than one per page. Sometimes they were from items cited in the bibliography, suggesting amateur citation skills – cut and paste instead of paraphrase (even though the candidate knew full well to use quote marks when quoting elsewhere in the thesis). On at least 10 occasions sentences were from items not cited in the bibliography at all, but from academic articles and reviews."..."This PhD sets a precedent that suggests other candidates would not have their doctorates stripped from them for using multiple uncredited texts in their creative writing. This also sets a precedent that a PhD with nearly a 100 verbatim borrowings in its critical writing does not lead to the removal of the doctorate from the doctor. Once it’s passed, it’s passed."

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