Saturday, September 19, 2015

Who's Interested in the QS World University Rankings?

And here are the first ten results (excluding this blog and the QS page) from a Google search for this year's QS world rankings. Compare with ARWU and RUR. Does anyone notice any patterns?

Canada falls in World University Rankings' 2015 list

UBC places 50th, SFU 225th in QS World University Rankings


Justin said...

The QS rankings are so flawed, misleading and biased in favor of UK universities, and I think the list should be ignored completely. Use the Shanghai ranking table instead.

Anonymous said...

Shanghai ranking table is another funny ranking. King Abdolaziz University is in top 10 in mathematics. What a joke!!!
But agree, QS is also shit.

WoW!ter said...


Anonymous said...

I think people should just ignore this ranking. There are too many flaws. Even the citations per faculty is flawed since it favors smaller departments full of deadwood professors. Just look at the subject rankings and how ridiculous they are.